Pro-Canteen Features

Unleash the Power of Innovative Features

Our software simplifies the entire process, from food selection to token generation Effortlessly track consumption, prevent food wastage, automate employee contributions, and much more.

Food Allowance

Integrate employee food allowance

Fix Employee & Guest Contribution Percentage

Integrate with the Payroll

Our Dashboard

Multiple Customizable Modules

View – Booked, Taken, and Not-Taken food count

Remove, delete & lock any employee via the admin dashboard

Benefits to Employees

Select food from a Range of Items

Eliminates long waiting time

Token generation via face recognition / Biometrics

Device Integration

Centrally Manage Multiple Devices

Link Face Recognition devices with the Software

2-Way data sync – between Device & Software

Fix Routine & Menu

Fix different time slots for multiple shifts

Allocate Prior time slots for booking and printing

Dynamic Customizable Menu at any Time

Guest Module

Control visitor's canteen access

Instantly add guest details & generate Bulk food Token

Generate Guest report

Benefits to Organization

Avoid Food wastage

Measure Quantity beforehand

Save time by the instant token generation

HR now can seamlessly calculate Payroll

Get a consolidated summary report with cost split ups

Get detailed report who have booked but not availed

Forecast food preparation with Bookings for every meal

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Easy 3-Step Token Generation

Digital Record - Pre-plan Food Consumption - Link to Payroll - Avoid Food Wastage

Step 1: Face Recognition

Using Face Recognition or Biometric device - Authenticate employees to book their meal

Step 2: Menu Selection

Employees will select the Meal option, which is displayed

Step 3: Instant Token generation

After selecting an option - Instant token is generated

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Possible

Cloud or on-premise solution

Wifi Or Ethernet


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